Razvan Theodorescu Academician / Member of the Romanian Academy

When I entered the latest exhibition opened by the ceramist Cristina Bolborea under the old vaults in brick of Brancovan Palace Gheţăria [The Ice House] in Mogo[oaia, the sumptuous jewels in clay, in metal laboriously winded, in raw polychrome and brilliant glass, imagined by the fertile and cultivated artist’s fantasy, captivated my eyes as some monumental and also aerial “Birds of Paradise”.They made me remember the exquisite barbarism of nomadic adornment that I wrote something about in my far off youth, and their contemporary key delighted me.

I find that she will go to the European Far West, in thecolorful country of azulejos rhythmed by the fado, which made me remember that, for our Portuguese friends, the barbaric jewels are part of the national heritage, that as the fibula or the brooch from the Estremadura of Visigoth times are met in the original vicinity of jewelry in porcelain conceived by Cristina Bolborea.

Therefore I think that the Western Latins and those of the East will be joined by the same sumptuous dream about jewels with magic stones and hot natures.

Razvan Theodorescu

Academician / Memberof the Romanian Academy